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A Tisket, A Tasket


Bells in the Steeple
Big Fat Biscuit
Billy, Billy
Boatman, The
Bobby Shaftoe
Bounce High
Bow Wow Wow
Brother John
Button You Must Wander
Bye, Baby Bunting


Chatter With the Angels
Closet Key
Cobbler, Cobbler
Cocky Robin


Daddy Shot A Bear
Dance Josey
Deaf Woman's Courtship, The
Deedle Deedle Dumpling
Doggie, Doggie
Down Came A Lady
Drunken Sailor


Fais Do Do
Fed My Horse
Frog in the Meadow


Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Going to Boston
Great Big House in New Orleans


Here Comes a Bluebird
Hop Ol' Squirrel
Hot Cross Buns

Hush Little Minnie


Ida Red
I Lost the Farmer's Dairy Key

It's Raining, It's Pouring


Jim Along Josie
Jolly Miller, The
Just From the Kitchen


King's Land, The


Little Sally Water
London Bridge
Long Legged Sailor
Lucy Locket


Mary Had A Little Lamb
Michael Row the Boat Ashore


Naughty Kitty Cat


Old Brass Wagon
Over in the Meadow


Phoebe in Her Petticoat
Plainsies, Clapsies
Poor Little Kitty Puss
Pumpkin, Pumpkin Round and Fat


Rain, Rain


Sailor on the Sea
Sea Shell
Sleep, Baby Sleep
Starlight, Starbright


This Old Man
Turn the Glasses Over


Wall Flowers
We Are Dancing in the Forest
Who's That Tapping at the Window?



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