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The fingering charts are pictorial examples of a recorder.   Just like your recorder,  the chart has seven holes in a row that represent the seven holes on the front of your recorder.  The single hole to the left represents the hole on the back of the recorder. 

The Recorder The Fingering Chart

When reading a fingering chart, you will find the holes are either white, black or a combination of black and white.  If the hole is black, your finger should press down and cover that hole.  Any hole that is white, should be left uncovered.


Occasionally, you may see a hole that is one-half black and one-half white.  These are called "Half-Hole" notes.   Just as the picture and name suggest, you should move your left thumb so that it covers only the bottom half of the hole.  You may find it easier to bend your left thumb so that the tip of your thumbnail is pressing into the middle of the hole.



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